I’m Jo Kidd the face and name behind my couture children’s, boutique and maternity brand.

Why, Jo Kidd well it’s me. The name that provided me with many laughs growing up. Fast forward – I am a busy mum to 3. I’m a hockey player (NZ Rep) that has loved fashion for my entire life.

Jo Kidd came from the inspiration I have from the gorgeous young people in my life and my love for fabric, fashion and design.  My background and training is in Fashion and Design which I studied at Ara Institute of Canterbury (ARA).

I specialise in Child Couture (custom made special occasion pieces); boutique limited editions; maternity and photographic props.

I am dedicated to being the best at my craft and was rewarded for my efforts recently as recipient of the Canterbury Fashion Week 2016 “Childrenswear Designer” and “Fashion Designer” awards.

Pre Jo Kidd I worked as a drafter while studying a Bachelor of Architecture. I enjoyed creating architectural pieces however something was always missing (umm dress sketches instead of buildings should have been a giveaway!) The additional skills I gained while doing this certainly benefited my existing fashion ones and have allowed me to excel with visions I used to only dream about.

I get my inspiration from my family, fabric (lots and lots of fabric!) my surroundings, oh and bling. I do love a bit of bling!!  I certainly don’t stick to the normal path for fabrics or my designs. My brain has its own little world it likes to play in.

My other passion is hockey (field); I’ve played since I was 8! This is my out, my chance to run around like a crazy person, emptying the tank, smashing a ball around until my body burns. I love it and feel privileged to have represented our country for the past 4 years.

Behind the scenes I continue to work with a handful of fellow international designers, promoting for commercial patterns and testing while cataloging my ongoing ideas for Jo Kidd.  Each piece I create is about me and translating my madness into signature, wearable piece for your little fashionista.  My boutique appeal is what keeps me unique and I am proud to be a 100% New Zealand label.

Definitely not the life I imagined when I was going to school (I always wanted to be a Police Officer!!) but as it turns out designing clothes and designing buildings conceptually aren’t so different.  I’ve applied the drafting and knowledge I acquired and fine tuned my art and passion to create Jo Kidd.

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